About Me

Hi! I'm Amy, I'm an mid 20-something from the shaky city of Christchurch, NZ. 
  • I married my amazing hubby Dave in Dec '09 and I am so blessed to be his wife.
  • In April '14 we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl Addison who has captured our hearts.
  • I am a crafter of many sorts. I will try anything once!
  • We just bought our first house! Renovation stations everyone!
  • I love painting, crochet and finding new purposes for old tired items.
  • I love Shabby Chic and French-inspired interior design. I am also moving towards the geometric style of bold, sharp lines and simplistic design.
  • I love vintage homewares and have been known to browse many an op shop and garage sale.
  • I love to bake and spent three years as 2IC in a small busy cafe.
  • I love my cat, Killer - who has become a bit of a toddler personality since Addison was born!
  • I love spending time with people in a very low-key setting with snacks and honest talks.
  • I love Dave.
  • I love Jesus. I attend an amazing small church here in Christchurch called The Well. 

It is nice to have you here in this space I have carved out of the world wide web. I hope you can be inspired and hopefully have a laugh. If you want to chat then email me at amyliz80@hotmail.com



  1. hey!
    i love what you are doing with your website! such a good idea, its cool that i can still know what you are up to all the way in chch! :)
    Love your designs
    (and wahoo, i can leave a comment! how cool, haha)


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