Sunday 4 October 2015

Addison's Room Renovation

It has been a long time coming, Addison is approaching 18 months old and we have finally finished her room! I have been hunting for my before photos but they have gone awol so you will have to make do with a blurry couple of photos from the builders report!

When we moved into the house, the second bedroom was a bit worse for wear. It had a weird stripy wallpaper thing going on - one strip a fawny brown and the next a really light brown, all the way around the room. The window frames were green and the edges of the wardrobe had been well scratched by a giant German Shepherd.
(those photos were from the previous tenant of the house!)

 The first thing we did once our awesome flatmate moved out was rip down the wallpaper. It stayed that way for the first year of Addison's life. Once we had finished the hallway, I moved onto the week-long task of scraping off the wallpaper backing that stuck to the wall with concrete glue. Then we did the all too familiar task of scraping out cracks and then plastering, sanding and painting.

Finally I got to do some decorating and I managed to hold back from my usual style of filling the walls up with stuff, and Dave convinced me to stick with a slightly more minimalist style. The wardrobe alcove will eventually have some louvered bi-fold doors but until then it is the perfect place to hide away some of our junk as well as Addy's drawers.

The general colour scheme is light blue, gold and light pink but we were never going to go all out on colours. Function wins in our household, as well as keeping it neutral for sellability. We also kept the original curtains as they keep the light out pretty well and our small budget didn't allow for new ones.

I feel like this room will transform well from nursery into a little girls room. I am thinking about getting Dave to build some shelving for book storage and to free up floor space. I am loving the job we did and I think Addison will be happy spending her time in this room.