Wednesday 8 June 2016

On using my brain again - a life update

This year I decided on a whim to do something crazy, awesome and a little bit scary.

I enrolled myself in a degree level course by correspondence.

The course I am doing is a Bachelor of Applied Science (Information and Library Studies). The end goal? To be a qualified librarian, or archivist or even work in the Sound Archives of New Zealand (Nga Taonga Sound and Vision).

I am just wrapping up my first three papers now and I have discovered quite a few things about myself over the last few months.

-I am not a last minute person. Those of you that pull all-nighters to get assignments done on time - it's not for me. I am that annoying person who has it done a week before the due date. Sorry bout it.

-I am motivated. Addison goes to preschool three days a week while I study and I make the most of that time! The chance of me getting any work done with her around is slim to none so I beaver away. 

- I was craving time to use my brain. It's not that I didn't love being a full-time stay at home mum with Addison, because I so did and we had so much fun growing together and it has been a privilege doing life on one income (and still are). But after nearly two years I needed to have some space to myself so I could be a better mum, wife and person in general.

-I can pretty easily ignore the housework on a study day.

-I can think in long term goals. This course will take me 2.5 years if I can work hard and keep up the pace I have now as well as study over the summer months. In the big picture, that really isn't a long time. Addison will almost be at school when I am qualified which works well with getting a job that will fit in with whatever our family gets up to.

-I really enjoy studying. I would happily consider doing a masters thesis or PHD somewhere down the line.

This last semester of courses has been a great start. It was a good kick up the bum when I felt like the courses were easy. I got a less than ideal mark (which really wasn't that bad) but because I had studied before I thought that I should fly through everything. Well there is still lots to learn Amy! Also adjusting to a new way of learning - all online based with forum support from tutors, is a lot different than a classroom or lecture scenario. Learning to understand the assignment brief and jump back into APA referencing - which luckily has come back to me now!

I have been learning about information and how it works in today's society, how to search for information going deeper than Google, how to evaluate and justify resources, the library systems and processes that go on behind the scenes and how technology is changing the information landscape among other things.

A librarian is an information specialist and part of the pull of the job for me is the customer service focus. I enjoy solving problems and doing the monotonous tasks that most people dislike. My focus may change over the course and that is what I want. I want to find out where I fit and where I can use my skills to help people.

 I may be using my blog to review some books and things, something I am doing for fun, and as professional development of sorts.

If you have questions about my study, please ask! If you need any help with any study or research you are doing then let me know! I am also happy to proof read assignments to the best of my ability.
Thanks to those of you that have supported me so far on this journey, especially Dave who has to put up with my lack of housework and word vomit after three days of very little social interaction.

Crochet Jellyfish (pattern here)

I am still busy as ever crafting too, I am trying to find my niche in the crochet/craft market, if anyone has tips on establishing an online shop or marketing in general then hit me up! Otherwise I am working on custom stuff and building up stock for a market near the end of the year hopefully.

We are gearing up for more house renovations too, our small budget is funded by us selling stuff we make so soon we should have some more sandpaper (expensive!) and plaster and then it is all systems go. Our next space to renovate is the second small hallway and probably the laundry or the lounge. We are also getting a new fireplace installed somewhere in the middle of the winter so that will be happening too.

Date night

Addison is growing up super fast and is really enjoying her few days at preschool as well as her independence at home. She can now do lots more around the house like choose her clothes, get up to the table, help me bake and help me feed the cat so she feels like a big girl. Her speech is getting really good now and she is starting to do a lot more imaginative play and has begun trying to sing songs a lot more too. She still gets frustrated a lot but she is learning to ask for help and learning to have some down time too as naps seem to be declining.

So there is a bit of a life update from me, crazy big things are happening!

xx Amy