Tuesday 10 May 2016

Sew Lately - An Attempt at Pattern Making

 Recently, this dress headed out to one of Addison's little friends for her 2nd birthday.

This dress was based on a pattern that I can't remember where it came from but I have altered it pretty significantly. I made a dress out of navy and white chevron material, way back when Addison was coming up to a year old. At the time the dress was a bit big and ended down by her ankles! It still fits her pretty well at 2 years old but she has clearly grown taller as it is now knee length!

When making this dress for a 2 year old I lengthened the skirt length and also the width of the bodice to allow the elastic to stretch and fit for longer.

The materials I used were a lightweight cotton (pink) and a heavier quilting cotton (arrows). It was an interesting combination for the dress as the bottom band weighs down the skirt but makes for some pretty cool swirly movement. 

I used french seams for the majority of the garment and enclosed the rest since I don't own an overlocker. This makes it look nice and tidy on the inside and stops the dreaded fraying!

I am still a pretty 'wing it' kind of sewer and I would love to learn more about the pattern making process so I can troubleshoot a lot of my mistakes. The skills I am improving at though are edge stitching and keeping seams even and neat. 

The matching oversized bow headband was a free pattern I found in The Natural Parent Magazine and it is so cute! There will definitely be more of these made in the future.

Here is the first dress on Addison at age 22 months. I love the fabric combo and she always gets loads of compliments when wearing the dress. Now if only she will give up her trackpants phase so I can get her wearing pretty dresses again!

Sunday 8 May 2016

Dear Addison - 2 Years Old!

Dear Addison,

Two weeks ago you turned TWO! You had a great birthday week with plenty of cake (which was the most important part in your opinion!). On the day of your birthday you got to stay in your PJs all day for Pajama Day at preschool. We took in a little cake for you to share and you got to blow out your candles and sing some songs. You came home and opened a couple of presents with Daddy and Mummy and got another piece of birthday cake at home and went to bed a happy camper.

Then a couple of days later Nana and Koro arrived and then that Saturday we had a little casual birthday party with Grandma and Grandpa, Aunty and Uncle and a few close friends. It was fun and simple and you got some beautiful gifts. We made you a Thomas cake and you loved the 'toot toots' around the top.

You are growing up into a beautiful girl and your baby days are long gone. You want to do everything your 'self' and have gotten really good at climbing - especially onto your chair ready for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Food is still one of your favourite things. You are the usual fussy toddler though and you don't eat everything we serve. You have a sweet tooth like your Mum and you also enjoy kiwifruit, feijoas, marmite sandwiches, honey on toast, weetbix with sauce (golden syrup) and spaghetti.You must be going through a growth spurt because the last few nights you have been polishing off 2 weetbix faster than me for breakfast and downing just as much dinner as us then asking for more! It's one of the first times you have cleared your dinner plate!

You had a good go of potty training at around 22-23 months and were in undies during the day for a few weeks with only a few accidents but you hit a regression and are currently refusing to wear them but you will still happily use the potty occasionally. We aren't pushing you in this aspect  - I know you will get there in your own time.

You also moved to your big single bed at the end of March and you have really taken to it! Sometimes, especially during the day, you get distracted by the toys in your room and skip a nap but you will happily be in your room for a couple of hours of quiet time so I still count that as a win! You have fallen out of your bed twice now but it doesn't seem to bother you after a quick cuddle. We have a video monitor that comes in extremely handy for checking what you are up to in your room. Sneaky parents we are!

 I looked in your mouth the other day and spotted your bottom two molars (the second set) coming through. I hadn't noticed much of a change except that you have been sucking on your hand a bit the last few weeks and have a bit of dribble rash. They don't seem to be causing you as much pain as last time which is good. I'm looking forward to leaving the teething train behind.

Your vocabulary is exploding everyday. You say up to 4 word sentences sometimes and have reached the NO! stage. You are good with your manners but only when prompted so I will keep at it. You have started to sing along and do actions to songs - your favourite being 'The Wheels on the Bus'.

You have finally decided that cuddles are actually pretty nice to have and I finally get a good few. Not quite at the wrap-your-hands-around-my-neck level, but a good snuggle anyway.

   Your favourite toys at the moment are your Duplo (to build castles and towers), Dwight of course, your soft toys including Piggy (a Peppa Pig one), Rainbow the reindeer, Kitty and Piglet. Others rotate in the favourites list. You love trains and dinosaurs and dolls and prams. You love drawing and painting and you love collecting fluff (like pillow stuffing). You also love bouncing on beds and balancing on a long piece of wood like a mini balance beam.

   You are getting so adventurous which is a huge change from the cautious baby you were. It takes a bit of getting used to seeing you climb the ladder to a slide that is way taller than me and happily slide down, or standing on the coffee table and try and jump into our arms! I can now see how the grey hairs start to appear. 

  We love you Addison and we pray that you feel loved and surrounded by the village that is helping raise you.
xx Mummy and Daddy