Tuesday 28 February 2012

Infinty Dress/ Convertible Dress

Well hello there!

I found these dresses online, I know they have been around for a while but I thought I would have a go at making them, for potential sale as formal/bridesmaids dresses.

I don't think I will, unless someone specifically wants one, but it was tonnes of fun trying.

The dress was a success (tehe that *rhymes*) and I managed to sew 4-way stretch fabric with my old beast of a sewing machine :D

So the concept of the infinity dress is that you can wear it an infinite number of ways.
It consists of 3 things - A circle skirt, a waistband and 2 straps at least as long as your height.
And you can sew the whole thing with one seam! I based my dress on this tutorial HERE and made minor adjustments.

I bought 3 metres of purple polyester knit fabric that had a small percentage of lycra in it and I didn't overlock it or hem it, its awesome! However I recommend super sharp scissors and keep your cat away from the fabric.

You need to take measurements for this dress! The ones I needed were:

Length of skirt - From your waist to wherever you want it to go. This will be the radius of the circle skirt you cut out

Waist - Measure around your waist then take off a few cms to allow for the stretch of the fabric. (This is the circumfrence of the inner circle you will cut out, you will need the radius, use an online calculator to figure it out :P). It will also be the length of the waistband piece.

How wide you want your straps - Measure from the middle of your bust to just under your armpit or the side seam of your clothes.

That is pretty much it, make the straps as long as you want, but at least longer than your height. The longer they are the more times they will wrap around your body.

This is pretty much the pattern I used to cut the pieces for the dress. The dotted line is a fold.

The tutorial on Rostitchery is better at explaining it and she took pictures so I recommend it :)

Excuse some of these photos but these are just a few ways of wearing the dress! Pretty crazy!

The fabric cost me $16 per metre and I bought 3m. I also bought purple thread and a ball point needle for my machine so the total cost of materials was around $50.

Note: the colour of my dress is Cadbury Purple, but my camera doesn't show it very well.

Credit where credit is due: Thanks Holly for the advice and awesome tips! Thanks Rosita for the inspiration! Thanks Dave for helping cut with blunt scissors!


  1. I love the look of this dress, but I hate my bingo wings (lol) so I have to mull it over some more!

    Thanks for stopping by my neck of the blogosphere.

  2. WOW! GO YOU!!! Fabulous!! I can't wait to see you rocking this on an infinite number of occassions!! :D

  3. Wow! That's so awesome!! I agree with Sophie Slim, can't wait to catch you out and about in it :) Well done!

  4. Well done it looks awesome and I adore the 'new' sewing machine table!!

  5. Oh man potential bridesmaid dresses!
    Erica xx

  6. This is very cool! I would definitely use something like that for my wedding party!


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