Monday 28 October 2013

Still Here.. and With NEWS!

So I know all has been quiet on the blog front for the last few months and I promise I haven't forgotten about you guys. It is just that I have been a bit busy. Not busy in the sense of actually getting things done or made. But busy growing a tiny baby. And apparently it is a rather taxing task!
I am your textbook case of symptoms - exhaustion, morning (and sometimes night) sickness, and all the other fun and weird things that go along with the first trimester.

Dave and I are over the moon about this little one and can't wait for its arrival in early May.

I also have a few bloggy updates planned, we (mostly Dave) have been busy landscaping our section and have made some decent progress that I need to show you. I did learn how to use a new power tool yesterday though - a chainsaw has now been added to my list of tools I am safe to operate!

Now I have begun to venture into the second trimester I will allow myself to start making and accumulating baby things, there are a few crochet projects planned - especially once we find out the gender! We have already been blessed with the most adorable and soft baby blanket and a matching crochet elf hat made by the one and only Hollymayb. This baby is already so, so loved.