Sunday 30 September 2012

From kitchen to recording studio

Sometimes, Dave takes over the kitchen to record a band. I usually try to vacate the house when this happens. But man the recordings sound awesome once he is done!

Thursday 20 September 2012

Vintage Apron

A week or so ago I attended a 'Spring Swapsy' fabric swap organised by the super awesome Treena.
We got to give and receive a package of fabric and goodies from our stashes. I gave fabric from Sophie and received fabric from Miriam. It was an awesome night and a great way to catch up and meet other bloggers!

From my new fabrics I decided to make a couple of aprons for me and a friend for an upcoming Market. The aprons won't be for sale but they will be on show by Ellena and I.

Linking up with Our Creative Spaces.

Plus more exciting news - TVNZ are bringing Mitre 10 Dream Home to Christchurch! Needless to say Dave and I will be applying. We are busy beavers creating an application video this week. Dream Home is super awesome because you can win the house to live in at the end of it! Hopefully I will be asking for your votes sometime in the next few months!

Tuesday 11 September 2012

Sonic Blanket...getting pretty close!

Look what I picked up at a garage sale last weekend!
In working order!
For the hefty price of $5!

I can't find a model number on this beast but I found the Brother Wizard which looks like it is kind of close.

I gave it a good wipe down but it needs a good oil. The case it came in got water damaged in the previous owners garage and the wood base got a bit mildewy but other than that it is in such good condition!

Anyway, what you have all been itching to see... the progress of my Sonic Blanket.

Killer got hold of my un-woven-in ends

I have only got about 5 rows to go now, which equals about 36 squares. Pretty exciting to see the progress, although I still have the background to go which is heaps less exciting. I am still not quite sure what colour the background will be - either mint green or a light blue?

Fun Fact - Sonic will be a bit taller than me when completed!

Thursday 6 September 2012


It's no secret that Dave and I are pretty darn crafty. We also work really well together. We did the same Bachelors degree and got awesome grades by combining my strengths to cover Dave's weaknesses and vice versa.

We have been pretty well glued to The Block NZ this season and as we have our first home on our minds this show has been a great watch.

Aside from the terribly cheesy scripted dramas and promos, the teams did so well to put out the results they did. With the final auction totals being a bit controversial there are a lot of unhappy people but hey, this is NZ television and it was their first crack. With the added pressure of a live auction there was bound to be a few hiccups.

With all that said, Dave and I are going to be applying for the next series when they start taking applications. I think that the skills that we would gain from 10 weeks of solid renovation would be invaluable. Plus a bit of money for a deposit wouldn't go astray.

Dave and I are an amazing team, sure it will be stressful, no doubt about that, but our styles and tastes are so similar that we would pose an epic challenge to the other contestants.

There goes my spiel, what do you think?

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Pallet Art

I had a few slightly broken pallets lying around from a time when my old flatmate decided to make a pallet bed. They were shoved to the side of the house ready for an awesome summertime bonfire but I had a flash of inspiration and decided to try it out.

This is my tester version. Slightly blurry with the stencil overspray and not quite the right fonts but I still think it looks awesome.

I got to use a skill saw - under Dave's supervision
The back, glued and screwed
Luckily the glue hadn't totally dried and I could tap that wonky board back into place after this photo

What do you think?
I'm hoping to make a few up to sell at a market next month.
What words would you be interested in seeing?
What price should I sell them for? Or what would you buy them for? (this one is approx 40cm x 30cm)
 Do you like the pieces rough and different lengths or all uniform?

Cheers for your opinions :) It is pretty exciting to hop on the pallet bandwagon!

Tuesday 4 September 2012

A Crafty Adventure of a Different Kind

 One of my greatest friends has started The Sisterhood - many of you know of this movement of women helping others and spreading a little love and kindness.

Our most recent love-bombing mission was a ninja cookie drop, sneakily leaving some delicious baking at a nominated house, a wonderful surprise for the people on the other end!

I must admit I totally forgot all about my pledge to do some baking until 10pm the night before it needed to be delivered. But it was good fun doing a late night supermarket run (yay for supermarkets open past 9pm!) and filling the house with the smell of cookies late at night. A few may have been test tasted.

The next day we did a drive by of the house and parked down the road a bit. Luckily there was a high fence so I could sneak past to the letter-box, but I could see someone in the kitchen so I had to be extra careful. I had to leave the cookies on the ground below the mailbox but the bright pink ribbon would have caught their eye. I hope it got found!

It was the right way up on my computer I swear!

For more on The Sisterhood, visit Sophie's blog - Sophie Slim

Saturday 1 September 2012

Wardrobe Saturday

Wardrobe Wednesday at

So I know its not Wednesday but my cafe work outfits are by no stretch what I feel the best in. This Saturday I am working at the Bridal shop -Glamour Direct and I love to be able to get dressed up and look good at work knowing I won't get egg or flour all over me (here's hoping).
So without further ado, here is my favourite outfit this week :)

My new favourite addition from my wardrobe

I love this dress because the ruffles imitate the waves in my hair
I am definitely a sale shopper, I rarely buy anything full price, so my wardrobe is usually cheap and functional.

Outfit breakdown:
Dress - Warehouse (on sale for $12!)
Cardi - Cotton On
Tights - Supermarket
Boots - Borrowed from a friend
Necklace - Toi Toi (in Re:start mall)