Tuesday 12 April 2016

Dear Addison - Painting with Droppers

Addison, today you had a day at home with Mum. (11/04/16) After having breakfast and dancing to The Wiggles we decided to do a bit of painting. I remembered that we had some droppers saved and so I watered down some red and blue paint, put out some newspaper on the floor and gave you a few sheets of coloured paper.
I showed you how to squeeze the dropper and suck up the paint and after a while you got the idea! You have some bath toys that do the same thing so you were a pro in no time! You were concentrating very hard at making sure the paint stayed on the paper.

You also liked using the dropper like a paintbrush and drawing with it which made some lovely designs.

I reminded you to stay sitting on your bottom while we painted so you didn't walk through the paint. You did quite well at following that instruction but there was still paint on the bottom of your sock somehow. (You only had one sock on!)
I had a lovely morning painting with you Addison and now I have lots of beautiful pieces of art that we made together.

Smile for the camera!

Another cheesy smile!