Monday 30 December 2013

2013 Review

I'm so glad to have this blog to capture the major goings on in the life of my little family. I tend to only blog about the good things or creations I have made so at the end of the year I like to look back and remember and be thankful for what has been achieved.
We had some pretty awesome things happen this year...


  • The year started with Dave's amazing Vintage Bike Restoration and I rode my bike for a good part of the year to and from work.

  • I introduced my cat - Killer and showcased some of the best blog photobombs she made it into!

  • I also gave a tour of our old rental and how I styled it in my Temporary Home series

  • In March I became impatient about learning how to cut glass to make A Pretty Mirror.
  • I made over not ONE but TWO Standard Lamps

  • March also began one of the years greatest journeys - playing Roller derby. I wrote a series called Diary of a Derby Girl
  • April held my first Product Review for Stuck on You which involved personalised towels and kitchen labels.
  • One of the years highlights was attending the Bloggers Connecting Conference in Christchurch. I met so many lovely ladies whose blogs I stalk read all the time.

    • May revealed some great news - We bought a house! I wrote some tips to help simplify the First Home Buying Process

  • I started making a Rainbow Chevron Quilt (which is currently still in process)
  • I repaired my laptop and took a trip down Memory Lane looking through my old photos!

  • August was my first foray into amigurumi where I made a pair of Crochet Giraffes
  • I also revealed some photos from my Trash the Dress Photoshoot I did in 2011

September and October
  • The blog went strangely quiet during September and October until I revealed our Big News
    Turns out the blog was quiet while I fought my way through morning sickness and the glorious First Trimester. 



    • December was a baby month on the blog. I started doing Weekly Updates on Baby C's progress.
    • We also tried and failed to find out Baby C's gender so no gender reveal on the blog yet!
    • Christmas came and went and we are now relaxing on holiday, using the terrible Canterbury weather to catch up on sleep, re-arrange the lounge and watch some TV series.

    What a year! Two huge milestones for us - a house and a baby on the way! This year Dave and I were stoked to become homeowners and even more over the moon to find out that we will become parents. In amongst a lot of projects and yard work and roller derby!

    2014 will probably be the most challenging year for us - sleep-wise anyway. But BRING IT ON!

Saturday 21 December 2013

20 Weeks Pregnant

  • The 'Official' halfway point of my pregnancy!
  • If you haven't already read my Gender Reveal Post, Baby C was being a bit crafty during the ultrasound and decided that its gender is staying a secret for now.
  •  This news is making us up our game on baby names. We have a boy one sorted but our girl name is still yet to be decided.
  • The fluid that Baby C hangs out in is a few degrees warmer than my body temperature so on hot days I am getting overheated pretty quick! I am super glad that I'm not further along which I think would be so much more uncomfortable!
  • I need to start focusing on my posture and the amount of weight I lift. I'm a pretty bad sloucher and it doesn't help that it squishes Baby C when I'm hunched over. I might have to bust out the Preggo Yoga to help out.
  • Every so often I find myself drifting into a Pregnancy waddle 'Swagger'. I can control it for now but now that my bump is growing rapidly it won't be long until I can't!
  • No cravings yet but still enjoying Iced Chocolates, Carbs and a new interest in Cocoa Pops. My sweet tooth is finally returning!
  • One of the coolest things we saw at the ultrasound was Baby C swallowing. It was such a natural, normal movement and made it a bit more real.
  • The kicks and movements are getting stronger! Dave felt a good couple of kicks the other night and I can feel baby move when I'm standing up, not just lying down.
  • I am really looking forward to Christmas this year, I am well aware that it will be my last 'relaxing' Christmas and Baby C will be 7+ months old next Christmas and probably on the move!

I am on holiday now for a good 3 weeks so I am planning on enjoying the time off as much as I can. We are spending a lot of it at home getting some small jobs done around the house and yard.

Merry Christmas to you all! xx

Thursday 19 December 2013

We are having....


Baby C was being most uncooperative at the scan on Tuesday and decided to keep its bits hidden. This means no awesome gender reveal and more creative thinking on my part. I am a bit disappointed because it was going to be our Christmas present to ourselves and I felt like I could really begin to bond with my baby once we could decide on a name and begin imagining it in our lives. 

But we do get another scan in 8 weeks so we CAN find out then. And now that I can feel Baby C having dance parties in my tummy I am feeling a lot more attached to the tiny little life inside me. Plus Baby C is happy and healthy in there so I really can't complain.

The only thing the sonographer could say was:
'I get the impression it is a girl but I can't tell for sure because boys can hide their bits'.

So we are not keen on banking on 'probably' a girl so bring on 8 weeks so we can know for sure!

I will do my 20 week update in another post in the next day or so :)


Thursday 12 December 2013

19 Weeks Pregnant

Nearly half way!
This pregnancy is flying by but also going so slowly! I think being in the lead up to Christmas with all its festivities is making the weeks go faster.

This week:
  • I can feel the baby move! It started a week or so ago with a sort of flippy feeling below my tummy, sort of like being on a roller coaster. Now I can feel decent kicks but they are still quite muted. I like to describe them as being like a swimmer finishing a length and doing a somersault turn and pushing off the wall. That push feeling is how I would describe the movements I'm feeling. It is pretty exciting, and Dave got to feel a good kick last week which is even cooler! I know it won't be long until baby runs out of room so I will enjoy these tiny movements while I can.
  • I discovered the slightly irrational preggo emotions. I like to think of myself as pretty easy going but the last couple of weeks have brought out some tears and crazy feelings. However the people I talked to said that it was completely justified. (Calm down crazy preggo!)
  • I can feel myself getting bigger and my centre of gravity changing. Even though I'm not showing much yet, I still feel like I need to counter balance myself by leaning back more.
  • I am starting to feel the heat big time. Working at the cafe is pretty interesting on a warm day, especially next to a hot oven. Lemonade ice blocks are my friend!
  • Food Faves: Iced Chocolates. Cheese scones. Pizza subs from Subway. Apples.
    Food No-no's: Maccas/Burger King burgers, Sausage rolls, Eggs. Bacon Sandwiches. 
  • Baby is growing super fast, it can hear my voice and is starting to grow hair - I hope! It is around the size of a mango and it is only 5 days until we find out whether we are having a wee boy or a wee girl! We have no inclination whatsoever as to the gender so it will be a great early Christmas present. If you are the praying type, I would appreciate prayer for baby's health and also my own as I get into the next half of my pregnancy. 
See you all next week for the gender reveal - all going well!