Friday 28 February 2014

30 Weeks Pregnant

The weeks to go are about to reach single digits! This little girl will be here in no time!

This week:
  • The weather has gone from 33 degrees to about 10 degrees in two days. I much prefer the colder days.
  • I got some intense fluid retention pains in my feet and hands after working a long, busy, hot day yesterday. It was so sore to move them and so I fashioned myself some slippers out of wet flannels and they worked perfectly!
  • I think it is safe to say that iced chocolates are my pregnancy craving. I drink a good few a day when I am working. Just milk, ice and choc syrup though. It does the trick without leaving me feeling totally guilty.
  • I had my parents stay with us for a bit and it was so nice to see them and they looked after us so well by taking over the kitchen for the week!
  • Sleep is still pretty tough, the number of pillows on the bed are increasing and Killer is getting frustrated at how many night time bathroom trips I have to take. What a hard life she has!
  • Baby C is being spoiled already and plans for her baby shower are underway! Hopefully tomorrow we can purchase some drawers (to be up-cycled) and get some foam cut for her bassinet.
  • Baby C is now as long as my foot (39-40cm) and starting to pack on the pounds. I can feel her hiccuping quite often and the kicks I used to feel are now more like stretches and rolls as she is starting to run out of room.
  • Bending over, doing up shoelaces and picking up items from the floor is getting tough! 
  • We get another scan at the end of next week so Dave gets to see her again!
  • We started ante-natal classes this week and the first one was pretty cool! Lots of info and potential friends and future baby playdates!

Sunday 16 February 2014

28 Weeks Pregnant

This girl-flavoured bump is definitely making itself known now! I feel like FINALLY I'm past the 'Is-she-preggo? Better-not-ask-in-case-she-ate-too-many-pies' phase.

This week:
  • Third Trimester baby! Home stretch! Although it is dawning on me that this baby girl has to come out somehow and each day she just gets bigger! I do want her to cook as long as possible though.
  • She is bang on her growth dates, and in the last scan I saw her do a big yawn and stick her hand in her mouth. Hopefully she stays that chilled out once she leaves her cocoon.
  • I am getting HUNGRY! My appetite has been more or less the same so far, if not less, but now I am finding myself still hungry after eating a full meal. Still no cravings though!
  • My sleep is becoming more and more interrupted by multiple toilet visits and the need to use all the pillows to support my back and ever-growing tummy. I am secretly glad though because I was the worlds deepest sleeper so it is good practice for those long nights ahead of me. 
  • The preggo hormones are back again, I am finding myself irritated at tiny little things but can still see how silly I'm being at the time. Sorry Dave and Workmates!
  • Baby C is doing some decent wiggles and kicks now, it makes my whole tummy jump around and Dave still gets the biggest kicks. She is head-down at the moment so I get lots of feet to the ribs too. 
  • Baby C is now weighing in at around about 1.3kg. She is as big as a large eggplant and can blink her pretty little eyes and eyelashes. 
  • I am back to being super tired, like I was in my first trimester. Naps almost every afternoon are on the menu.
  • Baby C gets hiccups quite a lot too. It feels like little rhythmic movements, usually against my hip bone, about a second apart, lasting from a minute up to about 5 minutes. You can feel it by putting your hand on my tummy too!
Keep doing what you are doing Baby C!

Monday 10 February 2014

Baby C Gender Reveal!

We finally managed to find out the secret that Baby C was keeping from us! She was obviously trying to be ladylike at the 20 week scan and cross her legs!
All is going well in her world, she is measuring perfectly for her dates and all the important bits are there! She was being very cute during her scan, big yawns, hiccups and sucking her hand. I must have rocked her to sleep with my walk to the appointment!

We are absolutely stoked to be able to call Baby C a 'she' rather than an 'it'. I have a feeling she will be a real Daddy's girl.

I will be back with the regular updates later on this week!