Friday 3 January 2020

2019 Makes

Once again another year has passed and this little blog is slowly fading away. It still remains a good place to catalogue my yearly makings so if you are interested then scroll on through. 

My making time is almost always after 7pm so generally my photos are taken with terrible lighting, but hey, at least there is a photo!

I tried to group my makings this time around, after digging through my camera album it seems I was quite busy last year!

First up are the vests. Some were custom commissions, many were baby gifts and some were just to use some funky woolen fabric.

These next few are the fun vests with animal add-ons. I had a blue dinosaur, a fox, a bunny and a couple of green dinos.

More vests as baby gifts. I love taking these to baby showers! A lot of friends had babies this year!
 Next up are coats. Super cozy and again, some custom commissions and some for fun.
These hot water bottle covers are so much fun to make, I use a Twig & Tale pattern and then occasionally customize it like for the shark!
 I did manage to get some crochet done this year! Less so, but my workmates found this epic butterfly pattern so I made a few up. There are so many combinations, I think I might bust these out for all the 1st birthdays next year! My favourite things about these is that they show the life-cycle of a butterfly from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly.
 These dinosaurs are super fun. I made the green one as a custom for a friend in 2018 and made another in 2019. Addison then did her own drawing and asked for custom colours (see the purple drawing below) and so I delivered. Then a friend asked me to make a Rainbow Dragon from her son's drawing and this is what we ended up with. I love that kids have such playful minds!
 Some things I made for others - A gorgeous rainbow blanket for a friends baby, some macrame wall hangings I learned to make at work, some bibs we made at another friends baby shower (guests drew on them with fabric pens, then I sewed them up afterwards). And 4 crochet cotton umbilical cord ties. These are softer and nicer then the old plastic clamps you get at hospital.
 These two dress upcycles were fun and challenging to do. I was so honoured to be given the task of transforming two of my friends old dresses into gorgeous pinafores for another friends little girl. So fun! I re-used the silk lining and that was pretty tricky to sew! I used the Tui Pinafore pattern by Below the Kowhai.
 Some more random things - a cat bag as a birthday gift, a zebra dress, a fox wallet and I was commissioned to re-cover some lampshades for a homeware store! This was a crazy challenge too!
 Some new skills - I learned to use the laser cutter to etch this image into some display stuff for the library, I also designed a wee badge on the 3D printer. I tried my hand at earring making using polymer clay and it is harder than it looks! Not quite like playdough. I also made some crowns for Addison's birthday buddies.
 Finally some stuff for me! I've been trying to go more sustainable and have made a bunch of re-usable pads, I went to a wreath making workshop with The Dried Flower Co. and played with some pretty flowers, I made some wee pouches out of blanket scraps and I made myself a skirt - another Below the Kowhai patterm.
After putting this together I am pretty stoked that craftiness runs in my blood. Here's to next years makes!


  1. Oh my goodness so much awesomeness! I love the butterfly and dinosaurs

  2. So much awesome in one post! Love!


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