Tuesday 1 January 2019

2018 Makes

As 2018 has drawn to a close, I thought I'd do my usual round up of crafty things I got up to this year in between study, work, parenting and general life! Most of my crafting happens between 8pm-12am when the small one sleeps. I enjoy that time, the quietness of the end of the day. It is also why most of my photos are pretty terrible - they have been taken pretty close to midnight in low light! I like keeping my hands busy and so I keep find new ways to challenge my hands and mind.
Buckle up guys, this post is a long one.

I'll post my photos in categories to satisfy the librarian in me.

First up is Coats and Vests. I make these to order through my little Amy & Addy side-gig. They also make great gifts for little ones so many of these have been gifted as well.

Awhi Coat Pattern from https://belowthekowhai.nz/ - my friend Sophie designs them!

Next up - Hot Water Bottle Covers. These are so cute, I'm a huge sucker for a fox and general woodland creatures so these are right up my alley. The pattern is fun to hack too so there are a few interesting versions in the photo round up.

Thunderbird 4 Hottie cover

Hottie pattern mashed into some Christmas stockings
Next up is other sewing items. I dabble.

Another https://belowthekowhai.nz/ pattern

Sadly the best photo I got of this awesome fox quilt for my friends wee girl

The Manuka Skirt by https://belowthekowhai.nz/

This is a custom cushion for my in-law's caravan they named 'Nampara'

Go ahead and laugh, these are custom towel ponchos for my ocean loving friend

Second poncho in progress

Super awesome and sturdy wing pattern. They use layers of stiff interfacing to keep their shape.

Larger size wings

Fluoro wings
Crochet crafts - I took a big break from crochet this year, every so often I feel the desire to whip out a project and it is starting to come back to me now!

Crochet T-Rex

Reusable shopping bag
Miscellaneous projects

$5 artwork before...

... And after with a little (a lot) of white spraypaint

Felt headband

Paper flowers

String art
If you made it this far then well done! I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me in 2018 in any way. Thanks for trusting me with your requests and believing in me when sometimes I don't. I look forward to another year of learning and making in as many forms as I can.



  1. Yay! I love all of your cute creations! 2019 is going to be huge!

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