Saturday, 25 February 2012

Work can be fun! Glamour Direct Bridal Shop

Recently an opportunity arose to work the occasional Saturday in a Bridal Shop. I know I already work full-time at a cafe but this is so much different and actually fun! It doesn't even feel like working!

Sneek peek of the dress selection

The place is called Glamour Direct and it is close to Woolston, Christchurch. It is just a wee shop so there is usually only one or two of us working there which makes it really personal.

We focus on appointments so say someone books in for a bridal consultation, they get, for free, an hour and a half of undivided attention where we educate on dress shape, they pick out around 5 or so dresses to try on and we spend time on each dress talking about what they like or not. 

Formal/bridesmaid dresses

AWWWW! Onsie Tuxedo

The best thing about the shop is that all the dresses are made to measure and can be customized. Almost any neckline imaginable, any sleeve type, any lace or applique. SO COOL! And they are super affordable!

I find it so fun to work with the brides that come in, from all different backgrounds and their friends and family that come to support them.  It is such a personal thing to be a part of and so satisfying when the bride finds her perfect dress.

The window seat of the fitting room

The 'runway' platform for the brides

The changing room

The fitting area with a cozy couch on the left

I know this is a super huge plug for the store but even when I didn't work there and was a customer with my awesome sister-in-law I went home raving about the service and how fun it was.

So if you know of any brides-to-be, send them my way!
or here:

I get to let a lot of my creative/craftyness out when I do this job because I can suggest other dresses, and play with different straps or veils or accessories that the bride may not have thought of. So fun!

Have a happy sunny Saturday!

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