Thursday, 9 February 2012

Musical Trinket Box

Remember this? from Garage Sale Treasures

It has been completely transformed!


What do you think?

I am super stoked at how it turned out, it came together bit by bit, I didn't have an end picture in mind when I started out which is how I usually operate.

Even tonight I knew there was something more I needed to add to it and I finally dug out the
Fleur de Lis stamp I have for special occasions.

The sheet music I bought in Nelson at an antique shop during my getaway after the September 2010 earthquake. I bought a couple of old music exercise books for the specific purpose of cutting up and being 'craftified'. 

So to do this transformation I put 2 coats of paint on the box then sanded the edges back and roughed it up a bit.
Next I cut out the pieces of sheet music to fit each side of the box and glued them on with PVA. 
Finally I busted out my stamp and delicately placed it on the front.

The hardest part was waiting the days between coats of paint.

Now what to put in it?


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