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Smiley Belt Review - Pregnancy Back Support

Before I got pregnant, I had struggled with lower back pain. This was mostly due to some terrible lifting in my teens and also working in hospitality over a bench for the bulk of my working life. I wouldn't call the pain severe or debilitating but it was enough to make me need to take painkillers or take things easy at night occasionally after work.

I was aware that being pregnant would likely increase that pain so once I hit the middle of my second trimester I was ready to take action and find a product that would help to support my back while I continued working full-time at the cafe.

A friend of mine who is a surgical nurse used a Smiley Belt during her pregnancy and recommended I try it. So I contacted the lovely Christine via her website and asked if I could review a belt.

The belt arrived packaged beautifully with a personalized note, wrapped in ribbon and sealed with a smiley face sticker.

 The website gives instructions on how to measure for your size, and because my measurements came inbetween two sizes, I provided them with my exact measurement and I was sent the size they recommended for me. Which fits really well!

I wore the Smiley Belt to work for a couple of weeks straight. I wore it the whole day for a few days and also did a few days where I worked until my back started hurting a little and then wore the belt to relieve the pressure for the rest of the day.

Because I had previous back pain, I wasn't expecting the Smiley Belt to be a miracle worker and take away all the pain, which is true. But somehow it manages to correct your posture and hold your back a certain way that make movements and general standing still a lot more bearable.

You can wear the Smiley Belt two ways: with the wide part supporting your lower back, or with the wide part supporting your belly. When I first got the belt my tummy didn't have a defined bump so I used it as back support which was great. Once my belly started growing I tried switching it round and was surprised at how much pressure was lifted from my back once my tummy was supported. I prefer wearing it this way during the day now. 

The biggest surprise was how well the Smiley Belt supports my back when I am asleep. I began waking up with severe back pain after tossing and turning all night so I decided to try and wear the belt during the night. It supports my tummy as well as my back and I find that I can sleep in almost any position without the pain. It doesn't stop the multiple toilet trips though sorry ladies!

The only thing I found that I disliked about the Smiley Belt was that it makes the area underneath where I wear it quite sweaty. It was exaggerated by working in a hot kitchen but the relief I got from wearing the belt made this issue a minor one. It is easy to wash, just handwash and hang out to dry. It is made from the same sort of material as a wetsuit so the drying time is very quick. There is also more pressure on your bladder when wearing it but the plus side is that you can feel the baby's movements better!

I would highly recommend a Smiley belt to any pregnant woman that develops lower back pain or finds that their rapidly growing belly feels heavy or causes pelvic pain. It is also a huge relief at night time when sleeping on your side becomes painful.

The website also mentions that the Smiley Belt is able to be used after Baby is born to help support your abs as they recover from being stretched out of shape. It also mentions that you can still wear it as a back support at any time when doing a lot of lifting, bending and twisting.

The Smiley Belt retails for $52NZD + postage and I believe that price is worth paying for the amount of relief you get from using it. Also the fact that it can be used not only during pregnancy, but afterwards makes it worthwhile. Plus you can also lend it to friends while they are pregnant too.

You can find out more information via their website:
or follow them on Facebook:

I was given a Smiley Belt for free to review but all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Many expectant mothers experience back pains because of the added weight in their tummies. This seems like a wonderful product to help mitigate the problem. I think this product is worth a try, despite those setbacks. Anyway, thank you so much for giving us your honest review on the Smiley belt. Good day!

    Agnes Lawson @ Pain Relief Experts

  2. I'm experiencing really bad back pain within the middle of my back .. would this help me? or more for lower back pain?

    1. Hi there, I would mostly recommend this product for lower back pain, as it sits around your hips. Sorry to hear though, you could try yoga targeted at the middle back and see if that helps?

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