Sunday, 23 March 2014

DIY Dining Table Re-Style

Our new home is much, much smaller than our last rental and doesn't have a dining room as such. We survived about 8 months of eating dinner off our knees until Dave had the awesome idea of re-purposing our old dining table which was braving the elements outside.

It was looking a little worse for wear, it had a couple of splits in the wood from getting wet but that didn't stop Dave. A round table was never going to fit in the corner of our lounge so Dave cut the table into the biggest square he could out of what he had. Some slightly difficult math went into this process and it went straight over my poor pregnant head. I did however, manage to get proof that I did help a tiny bit with this project - as you can see in one of the photos I was Chief Ruler Holder.

Dave's latest tool purchase was a router and he bought a fancy bit to pretty up the new edge of the table. He also decided not to stain or varnish it but just let natural oils build up and give it character. 

I am so proud of the work Dave did, it is a pretty professional job and I just love sitting at the dinner table each night with the TV off and enjoying our food.


  1. WOW! The table looks awesome! I think it's way better as a square than a circle - you can now see and appreciate the detail along the 'underneath-frame' too. Fantastic job!



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