Thursday, 27 March 2014

34 Weeks Pregnant

34 weeks down, in no more than 6-8 weeks, we will have a loud, crazy, beautiful baby in our lives!

Things are flying by now, and the reality that this baby is coming soon is setting in. The hospital bag is mostly packed, we have enough warm woolen clothes and a cozy bed for her and the rest we will play by ear I think! I am looking forward to seeing how this baby girl will fit into and change our lives.

This week:
  • Is my last week at work. Tomorrow is my last day! I have been working at the same little cafe for 3 years and the routine is so familiar that I could do the job in my sleep - in fact I start at 7am and the first hour does pretty much involve me go through the motions in zombie-mode.  Work has become pretty hard these last couple of weeks, 9 hours a day on my feet as well as a lot of bending and lifting is taking its toll on my body. Now is definitely the right time to hang up my apron. I am so going to miss it though, 3 years has made me so familiar with the locals and regulars and I know their stories and they know mine. I have promised to have a couple of days at the cafe when Baby C is here so everyone can have cuddles.
  • Dave and I get our last chance to get away and have a mini break next week - well Dave is working but I get to tag along to *hopefully* sunny Nelson. The hospital bag and car seat are packed up 'just in case' but here's hoping we get a nice relaxing week. I have been saving up a few books to read which I can't wait to get into.
  •  Baby C is growing really well and is doing pretty good at being in a good position. Her head is down and she keeps flicking her spine from back to front so all is well in utero.
  • The only thing about her getting bigger is the way she has wedged her thigh and bum under my ribs. It makes sitting, leaning forward, bending over and eating very tricky.
  • Right now, Baby C is weighing in at approx 2.3kg. All on track for a nice average sized baby. Sounds good to me!
  • My baby shower was so lovely and I had so much fun eating food, playing games and being generally overwhelmed by all the crazy cool gifts that my friends generously gave!
  • I dug out my old tri-pillow, added some extra stuffing and made a new pretty cover for it and it has revolutionized my couch sitting and bed sleeping. So comfy!
  • Killer keeps trying to hang out on my lap and getting frustrated when she finds my bump in the way. She is terrified of babies and young children so it will be very interesting to see how she handles a full time new flatmate!
Home stretch now! xx


  1. Gosh, you look so good! I'm SO glad that tomorrow is your last day of work, you'll be able to put your feet up a bit and enjoy the last little bit.

    Who knows, I'll probably be in NZ still when baby is born! Can't wait!


  2. Enjoy your special few weeks before baby arrives you will never have this time again without a child as part of it so centre, relax, hum a little, be present in every moment of it. As much as I know you'll be looking forward to meeting your wonderful game changer enjoy these days for what they are too. X x x

    1. Such good advice! I second what Miriam said and wish I had done the same.

  3. From where I'm sitting, your pregnancy has gone so fast!! You look great.
    And I, too, second what Miriam said - definitely enjoy your time as a couple and by yourself over the next few weeks xxx


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