Friday, 14 March 2014

32 Weeks Pregnant

Well and truely into the third trimester, and beginning to understand how women get over being pregnant and just want their baby now!

This week:
  • I am counting down the days of work left (2 weeks) and each day goes by quickly but the aches and pains have reared their ugly head to make these last couple of work weeks difficult for me. It seems all the common pregnancy aches and pains showed up to the party - back pain, swelling, sciatica, and the latest and possibly worst - carpal tunnel. Numb and tingly fingers all day and no strength to grip anything strongly. BUT it is all temporary and I just need to get through the next 2 months and all symptoms 'should' ease. I'm holding on to that! And trying not to be too much of a Complainy McComplainerson!
  • Antenatal classes are going well, meeting some cool new couples and discovering that a lot of people work in IT like Dave. I think 90% of guys we have met lately work with computers. Crazy I tell ya.
  • Baby C's bassinet is all set up ready to go. We got a foam mattress made (Para Rubber - $14) and I bought some waterproof plastic/fabric which I sewed into a protective cover for the foam. I also bought some soft flannelette material which will become fitted sheets.
  • Our scan went well the other week, Baby C is growing nicely and is nice and comfortable in there.
  • The movements I feel now are getting more familiar. I think I am able to tell which body part is trying to busta move, mostly her feet or her bum sticking out.
  • Some amazing friends of mine are being secret squirrels and are busy organising my baby shower for tomorrow! I have no idea what will happen but I have a sneaky feeling Baby C will be super duper spoiled! Plus food. Food is always a good option!
  • I am still downing iced chocolates all the time and full sized meals now have trouble fitting into my stomach (which is sitting up under my ribs!).
  • Dave and I are now realizing how soon it will be that we meet our baby daughter! We can't wait for our lives to be turned upside down and fall in love with this tiny human. I can't imagine at all what she will look like, how a mixture between Dave and I will influence her features. But until we meet her, I hope she stays well inside my tummy and grows perfectly.

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  1. My husband is a computer technician :p You look so well! I was over it by 32 weeks, on bed rest with both boys and finding it hard to move.


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