Thursday, 10 April 2014

My First Feature!

In the blog world, there are a lot of voices. Some trying desperately to be heard and some just a whisper in a dark room, meant only for the author.
I try to keep my blog an interesting mix of inspiration, tips and tutorials, life updates and if I'm honest, a bit of bragging. But that bragging serves to be the inspiration for some and I'm ok with that.

With the rise of Pinterest, a lot of blogs have popped out of the woodwork and I am happy to say that through one of my tutorials being pinned, I have been featured on an Indie Crafts website in the US. It is generating a bunch of page views for me and I am stoked that little old me has done something worth noticing.

You can see the feature over on Craft Gossip

You can also find the original post HERE

I'm pretty glad I made my bed look nice for that photo!

xx Thanks for reading and supporting this little blog of mine.


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