Monday, 28 April 2014

Dear Addison - Week 1

Dear Addison,

The first week of your life in the real world is now complete. Your Mum and Dad are smitten by you and each day we fall more in love with you. You gave us a bit of a scare when you rushed into the world, the fluid in your lungs didn't drain properly and there were 3 times when you choked on the fluid and turned purple. Luckily the midwives at the hospital were amazing and rushed you off to get the fluid suctioned quick smart. We stayed an extra night in hospital because your Mum was scared it would happen at home. Luckily after 48 hours the fluid and mucous had left your little body one way or another.

From the very beginning you fed like a champ. There have been no issues with latching or swallowing and you get so much milk that I'm sure you will double in size in no time. There have also been lots of dirty nappies for Dad to change - no issues in that department either.

Sleeping in general hasn't been too much of an issue, it's just where you sleep. At the hospital you wouldn't have a bar of the cot there and Mum wanted you close anyway. When we got home you still preferred warm cuddles from Mum or Dad and as soon as we tried to put you in your bassinet you would fuss and protest until you were in our arms again.

I thought you wouldn't like being swaddled because you always have your hands up by your face but Dad decided to try it after a night of very restless sleep for all of us and it turns out it's the only way you like to sleep in your bassinet. We think it is because you can't distract yourself with your hands as well as feeling all snug and secure. Since then getting you to sleep has been a lot easier. It all goes out the window when you forgot you needed to burp or decide you haven't had enough food though.

You are a pretty chilled out baby so far - long may that last. You don't usually scream the house down and just make little whimpers when it is food time again. It probably helps that we get to you before things get too crazy. You are getting more and more alert and your blue eyes are staying open for longer as you take in the world. You love to hang out with Dad on the couch while Mum sleeps.

On Day 7 your cord fell off when the midwife was checking you over. It was a bit disconcerting because we were having pancakes and bacon for breakfast and the cord looked like a piece of overcooked bacon. Good thing they didn't get mixed up right?

My favourite part of you is your hair. It is so soft to touch and it seems to calm you down when it is stroked too. Your first outing was on Day 4 where you went to a catch up with some ladies who are having babies at the same time as your Mum. Since you were a little early you were the first baby there and got lots of attention. We also had to stop off and get you some smaller clothes because everything else was swimming on you. We were only out for a couple of hours but it was certainly long enough and we all had naps when we got home.

Each day we are seeing more and more of the little girl that you are already growing up to be. Stay sweet, stay chilled out and I hope and pray that you grow up feeling loved and secure.

Bring on Week 2!


  1. Awwe so priveledged to meet her on her first outing. She is gorgeous!

  2. soooooo lovely!! well done mum & dad!!!!!
    this gives me warm fuzzies, im so happy for you all! <3

  3. Aww soo gorgeous! What a precious wee bundle. Bless your wee fam xxx

  4. What a sweet story and a great way to document the first week!


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