Thursday, 10 April 2014

36 Weeks Pregnant

It is now officially 3 days until I am 'full term' at 37 weeks and it is possible for this little girl to come at any time! She has her head down but hasn't engaged yet so I might have a few more weeks of waiting. Either way in no more than 5 weeks time there will be a baby in our lives. CRAZY!

This week:
  • We survived a week away in sunny Nelson while Dave was working and I was tagging along. I managed to visit most of the local op shops and I think Dave came home better off, with a bunch of vintage tools that is now my 'thing' to look out for. My favourite place was definitely the Nelson Recycling Centre where there are two separate 'shops' - the front shop is an op shop with prices attached and they do a weekly auction with the most collectable items. The back shop is an organised junk yard where you can wander freely, pick what you want and take it to the counter for a very reasonable price. It reminds me of Christchurch's Eco Store back when it was behind Cowles Stadium pre-earthquake.
  • Now that I am home I can start nesting and relaxing and figuring out what to do with my remaining days where my brain is still functioning. So far there has been some room organising, some decorating, lots of baking and a lot of Veronica Mars. Fun fact - there are SO many cameos in this show - Jesse from Breaking Bad, Paris Hilton, Schmidt from New Girl and I'm sure many more to pop up as I keep watching. Since the show is nearly 10 years old I think these guys did awesome to cameo.
  •  I get to eat breakfast! The last 3 years of work involved me waking up around 6, throwing on clothes and walking out the door for a 7am start. Now I can sit down and enjoy my porridge and decaf coffee! Luxury!
  • Killer has been super clingy since we got back from Nelson. I wouldn't be surprised if she has figured out something is going to happen. She isn't going to like it though - babies freak her out. Too bad though because it is happening!
  • A lot of people tell me my bump is little for how far along I am. She is growing perfectly well though so I am claiming lucky that I am not feeling like a hippo right now. In saying that though, bending over is almost out of the question, as is rolling over in bed without help. Sitting down also involves her attacking my ribs or trying to push a foot out of my side.
  • My belly button is still an innie, just a shallowish one though. I think I will miss the belly button pop this time around.
  • Being home during the day means that I can spend time in the kitchen doing things that usually take a while. So far I have baked a loaf of bread from scratch - no breadmaker here, Stewed a bunch of apples from our tree, made a giant batch of pulled pork (cooking away right now) and a box of delicious feijoas has arrived as I write. My parents send me a box down every year since they have a glut and the prices down here at the moment are $9.99kg! They will be both eaten fresh and stewed over the next couple of days. YUM!
  • And don't worry, I have been putting my feet up and resting as much as I can!


  1. Hi, random Chch reader here :) Just had to comment when I saw that you'd been watching Veronica Mars! Have you seen the movie yet? I loved it, if you haven't seen it yet you really should :)


  2. You've looked so good throughout your pregnancy :) I hope you enjoy these last few precious weeks before meeting Baby C. My belly button didn't pop with either of my pregnancies, but it did go flat which was a bit weird (it returned to normal afterwards though). Bodies, huh?!

  3. Exciting! I bet the last part will go super quickly! :)

  4. you'll be getting close to "popping" now and i thought i'd pop in, too, with a few well-wishes before everything gets very exciting and a little bit hectic. i wish you:
    * lots of good luck,
    * lovely nurses, doctors and midwives who make you feel understood and supported,
    * a bit of patience,
    * feeling of empowerment and that all through the next wee while, you will feel either "i can do it!" or if not, you'll be surrounded by people who help you get there,
    * and, i guess, that however the birth of your little one goes, you will feel that it is exactly what you needed at this stage in your life, and that you can always look back on it with fondness.
    basically, i hope it all goes well and good luck!


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