Tuesday, 7 February 2012


This long weekend Dave and I took an unexpected road trip to Dunedin and back in one day. 5 hours there, 5 hours back. What a mission! We were delivering friends to pick up their new car and stopped in Timaru on the way home to see friends. 

The church we got married in!

 On the way home we stopped in one of my favourite towns in NZ. Oamaru.

2 and a bit years ago Dave and I got married in Oamaru. In the most epic church ever.

In the last couple of years Oamaru has made a bit of a name for itself as the Steampunk capital of New Zealand.

This is Steampunk - a mash-up of sci-fi/fantasy/Victorian awesomeness.

So they have created a wee tourist attraction which I LOVE! 

The Steampunk train coming out of the building.
So cool

In proper colour.

I didn't have $2 so I'm not quite sure what the peep show was all about

A bit of retro-fitted facade

Hmm shall we go inside?

I am stoked Dave and I have the same taste in design and inspiration.

Now we just need a whole bunch of watch mechanisms and brass to steampunk our stuff.

Sorry, a bit of a disjointed blog post today, lots of ideas and cool photos to show you.


  1. when you put money in the train it does cool things too. Love Oamaru too - it's awesome

    1. Yea they must make so much money - in the 10min we were there I think 4 different groups put in $2 to make it go!


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