Friday, 3 February 2012

A Gift

Hello again blog-friends!

I finished another long-time-coming project the other day, once again with Dave's help. I think he is my motivation.

So this project started from an old picture I bought from a garage sale about 6 months ago. It had a not so cool picture but an awesome wooden frame.
The finished project

From the same garage sale I found these old keys. They were all oily and rusty sitting in a jar and the woman who sold them to me looked at me strangely when I paid her for them.

I had plans for this from the beginning but I couldn't get it to match with my vision. I ran out of white paint, then I couldn't get the texture right, then the middle board didn't match the frame. So it got stashed in the spare room for a while.

Then we got some recycled paint and Dave suggested we paint it all with that.

So we did. Team effort there. Then we left it to dry and sandpapered it back a bit to give it a more 'rustic' look.
Edges sanded back
Then Dave used Araldite (his favourite adhesive) to glue the keys on. I must point out here that he is much more of a perfectionist than me - he penciled out the spacing for the keys. I would have just stuck them on how I thought it should go then regretted it later.

So we just erased the pencil lines and it was done! Easy project, not sure why it took so long to get finished but I'm glad it did.

Now we gave this away as a gift to a wonderful family we recently purchased our new car from. There was a bit of a delay with the finance company (I'll spare you the rant) and they were so lovely and patient with us the whole time so we wanted to say sorry and thank you. They are into Shabby Chic too so they loved it.

I love giving!

Killer posing. She loves cameras.

Dave slightly distracted by the TV.

Long weekend here this weekend. Looking forward to having Monday off work!

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  1. Cool!! What a good idea to give it away! :)

    Yay, Dave finally got in a photo - he's like one of your blogstars :)

    Love it ames!!


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