Monday, 20 February 2012

Blanket box - Re-Vamped!

I finished my blanket box!

I bought this sucker off Trade Me a month back and it had dark brown wood and the stain had started to flake and peel.

Since I had a huge bucket of paint from all my other projects I thought I would give this a coat or two.

Luckily Dave suggested I remove the awesome hinges before I painted. Such a thinker!

So on the occasional sunny day the box came out for a coat of paint. Then I re-attached the hinges and sanded it back.

The peeling stain lifted up some ridges on the top of the box but when I gave it a light sand it came up really nice and looks really rustic. I just sanded all the edges a-la Shabby Chic and ta-da! One re-vamped blanket box for a yet-to-be-defined purpose. Craft Box? Actual Blanket Box? General Storage Box? It is so cool. I am loving it.

Hinge - So glad I didn't paint over them! Thanks Dave!



  1. TOY BOX! For... all your toys...

  2. Lol which equals one tupperware puzzle ball with half the blocks missing. That is probably all the toys I own. But once I have kids it will be perfect! Killer likes to hang out in it too!

  3. A CRAFT BOX!!? For sewing machine, fabrics, paints etc!!


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