Sunday, 5 February 2012

Frame Re-Purposing #2 & #3 Completed!

Remember those frames I spray painted? Well I found a use for them!

I went to an op shop and found some old floral sheets, tasteful ones at $1 each.

I chopped them up and ta-da!

Some pretty wall art to brighten up a room. In this case, our lounge.

It's a pretty grey day here (where did summer go?) so I went and picked a bunch of flowers and did a mini photo-shoot with my camera settings on vivid, just to make things pretty...

A nice easy Sunday afternoon project.

Have a great day off tomorrow for Waitangi Day all you folk here in NZ. We are off to visit a friend of Dave's who has a brand new baby - yay!



  1. Very pretty...did you spray paint directly onto the frames or did you use a primer first?

    1. Thanks! I sprayed straight onto the frames, I just did 2 coats on each side to get a better coverage.

  2. They look awesome with the fabric in them! Louisa x


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