Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Quilt of Sorts

Family BBQ

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, thinks have been a bit busy lately, my parents were visiting which was awesome! It was great to have them around.
It also meant we could have a proper parent BBQ with Dave's parents and sister + hubby as well as my parents. It isn't often everyone is together in the same city. The weather stayed nice too - bonus!

The latest project happening in this house is a quilt. :)
 I have done a couple before but they were technically just patchwork duvet covers.

This was my first patchwork attempt. It used our table runners from our wedding and op-shopped fabrics
Attempt # 2 -I made this for two of our bestest friends as a wedding present. I embroidered the middle piece.
oops sideways! 'Ben & Ivy, December 18 2010'

This quilt attempt I will actually get batting and stitch through the whole lot.

I picked up some bed sheets and pillow cases from an op shop a couple of weeks ago and decided to use them as my fabric.

Pretty florals
Cut and slightly in place, mostly a brainstorm happening here.

The general layout

A couple of rows sewn
So it is a tiny bit rough, but that's how I roll. I am really enjoying working with pretty fabrics, even though they are old sheets! It will look good after an iron and the seams stretch out a wee bit. That is all I have done so far, the rest is cut and waiting.

Killer was having fun too with all the material on the floor...
A tail peeking out

A curious kitty
It has been a good inside project for a rainy week. Bring on the sunshine and the rest of summer!


  1. Haha you guys need to shut your drawers! ;)

    Someone on some blog is doing a 'quilt along' . I'll see if I could find it and you could link up! "something alongs" are really fun :)

    1. Haha trust you to notice that! It was at our old place, we are usually pretty good now :P Oh let me know, i like linking!

  2. Hello, just wanted to say a huge thank you for your comments on my post 'Zariah's Journey', sincerely appreciated. And glad to have now discovered a fellow Christchurch blogger!

    :) Hazel

    1. No problem Hazel, anything I can do to help! I am quickly discovering the power of the Chch blogger community! I haven't met many but feel so connected already!


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