Saturday, 26 January 2013

Our *temporary* Home {Hallway}

Showcasing my temporary home to inspire others and prove that organised clutter can look good!

Todays showcase is the hallway/entrance way.

Probably the most boring of the four rooms I will be showing you, but there are some items I would love for you to see.

The wooden panelling in this house is a really beautiful feature. The hallway is the only place it shows up though. Notice the photo frame collection going on up top? What else are you supposed to do with a ledge that high!

On one wall I have a map of Canada on a metal tray, a mirror made from gross plastic that I disguised with white paint, and a coffee-splattered christmas decoration made from sheet music. It was too pretty to hide away for another year!

On the wall opposite the front door hangs this beauty. I bought a set of two of these mirrors from Trademe three years ago for $70. I remember being pretty new to Christchurch and driving all the way to Lyttleton to collect them.

What I like most about mirrors is the way that a reflective surface brightens up the darkest of spaces. 

Looking slightly worse for wear (or is it supposed to look like that??) a bathroom sign made from thin gauge copper. I engraved it with a ball point pen!

I like identifying the bathroom because it eliminates the awkward 'Is this the bathroom...  nope someones room' dash from a busting house guest.

This table I picked up from a garage sale a while back but it has no glass for the top. This limits the things that will fit on the top but I managed to balance these two framed maps on it.

Each map shows the place Dave and I grew up. Daves has Timaru and mine has Tauranga and surrounding areas.

The polaroid photo underneath is of us and a previous flatmate playing in the snow on one of the snow days of 2011.

So there you have it. The view from the front door!

What sort of items do you have in your entraceway? Are they functional or decorative? Or both!


  1. I like your entrance-way. It's wide and open and has cool and pretty things in it.

    I put this awesome (and in-expensive) rail with 4 good coat hooks up in out entrance-way. Problem is, it's up really high (so it didn't damage the wall) and it's behind the door when you walk in.

    The little 'ledge' is a picture-rail. You can get little copper or brass v/s-shapped thingees that hook on it and you can hang pictures from them without putting nails in the wall and you can shuffle them around.

    You probably know all that though?

    1. Totally didn't know about the picture rail! I must look for these hangy things!

  2. I grew up in tga too!! Love this space!


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