Tuesday, 15 January 2013

January Op-shop Finds

 During the week, I was on holiday and also at home in Christchurch, I managed to get a bit of op-shopping done. I have my own way of finding things and I tend to stick away from the clothes. I am sure I will get back into restyling clothes sometime but at the moment I head straight for the linen (vintage sheets & wool blankets), the nick-nacks (brass frames), the furniture (to do up) and the books (atlases, classics and the odd cookbook)

 This frame is one of the largest I have seen in my years of collecting (see HERE) and it was pretty expensive at $12.50 but I have plans to make this into a mirror so a cool vintage mirror for that price doesn't seem so bad.

 This footstool was $4! bargain! Hidden under a pile of random goods I spotted it and claimed it. It shall be recovered when I next visit Spotlight (to spend my voucher yay!)

This wee chain of frames is so cute! it was $2.

These suitcases technically wern't from an op-shop but I am going to claim it. My friend Treena-Marie popped over and gave me these amazing suitcases (filled with some cool fabric and lots and lots of lycra - anyone want any?)

They have now turned into blanket-storing suitcases.

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  1. That massive frame will make an amazing mirror-looking forwards to seeing what you do with it, and so pleased your linking up x

    1. Thanks Max, turns out that cutting mirror is a complex task! Dave is talking me through it...

  2. LOVE the idea for a mirror !! !! !!
    And I do so like the foot stool

    1. I don't have enough fabric for the footstool! I'll have to go on the hunt for something perfect. Just my luck that Spotlight ISN'T having a sale when I need fabric!

  3. Cool! I'm keen to have a rummage around in the boxes one day soon...

    Looking forward to the makeover of that footstool :)


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