Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Our *temporary* Home {Kitchen}

Showcasing my temporary home to inspire others and prove that organised clutter can look good!

Today I shall show you the last of this series, the Kitchen. I really enjoy this space and wish we utilised the dining area more.

We are pretty blessed to have such a big area to work with in our rental, in our house hunting experience we have seen nothing like this. (Probably doesnt help that we are looking at cheaper than cheap places haha)

Anyway after a few re-arrangements we have settled on a system that works for us.

The Dining Area.

I love the Warehouse rug we bought a few years ago, still going strong. Over the back you can see This dresser on the right and This hutch on the left. The hutch we are using as a tea area with the jug and beverage items all in one spot.

Behind the dining table is an old fireplace that we can't use any more *sigh* (earthquakes).
However the mantle is a great decorating space and I have cluttered it up with photos, candles, bunting and a mirror. Underneath the mantle is the top part of another hutch which has a few other display items in it. The bottom of the hutch is our extra bench space which I will show you in a sec.

I like using all the wall space and my favourite recipes have been an attempt at art as well as a few other bits and bobs. 

This blackboard is awesome! We don't use it enough. Every so often I will get organised and use it as a meal planner but I forget and the same meals stay up there for weeks! 

My arty friend did a wee portrait of Killer and I rekon its pretty cute. 

The Kitchen

As you can see, we have turned the bottom half of a hutch into some extra bench space and it corners off the kitchen a bit. I enjoy this kitchen, although I would change the bench top surface. I keep staining it with food colouring eek!

My kitchen mixer has pride of place and the utensil holder is working well.

Pros: large space, plenty of room to move, functional

Cons: freezing in winter and isolated from lounge.

As we are lounge people, I would love to have a bit more open plan living going on. When I am in the kitchen I would like to feel included in goings on rather than having to keep darting back and forward. 

I hope you have enjoyed the different areas of the rental we try to make homely. 
If you missed any here are the links to the other rooms:


  1. I like how you've used the bottom bit of the hutch in the kitchen...and I have extreme mixer envy!!!!

  2. LOVE the green walls. Did you pain them or were they already that colour?

    1. We just rent this place so it came like this! Every room is a different colour!


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