Sunday, 20 January 2013

Killer - The Cat Behind the Blogger

If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you may have noticed a feline face popping into the photographs every now and then.
Since she hasn't been formally introduced, I thought I would dedicate a post to my cat.

Name: Killer
Birthday: 14th Feb 2008 (Valentines Day!)
Sex: Female
Type: Domestic Short-haired Tabby

Killer was born in a far off town called Omarama, NZ. She was a surprise gift from Dave, 6 months into our relationship. We were in Timaru for a friends wedding and Dave decided to drive back through the middle of the South Island to visit some friends. I thought nothing of this detour and was unaware until we were at a cafe and the waitress said 'So you guys are the ones getting one of the kittens?' Dave looked at the waitress in horror, realising the surprise was blown and my eyes went wide and asked 'Dave, am I getting a kitten?' Dave looked pretty dejected and grudgingly said that it was suposed to be a surprise.
Well it was still a surprise to me and we drove over to the house where the kittens were. I got to pick which one I wanted and to be honest, none stood out to me but I chose the one showing me the most interest.
She was packed into a box lined with my jersey (which got peed on then thrown out) and we took the tiny 6-week old kitten on a 5 hour drive to Invercargill. That wasn't a very pleasant trip with all the pitiful mewing that she was doing but eventually she went to sleep.

The name came about when we decided to call her something (obviously). I was calling her Zoe but we were still playing around with names. We were running through the silliest names we could give her when all of a sudden I said 'what about Killer?'
Dave burst out laughing then agreed that it would be a hilarious name for a cat and Killer had a name.

In Invercargill, Dave and I lived in seperate flats before we got married, and as per student life, we shifted around a lot. Killer flicked in between Dave and I a few times because of tenant rules etc so Killer is used to moving house. This is super handy because we don't have to worry about her running away. She knows that wherever we are, that is her home.

Killer is a curious cat. This has really been her downfall. In our first flat in Christchurch, Killer was hit by a car. That resulted in one very scared Amy. She was alive but in a tonne of pain and she was limping. She went off to the vet and the vet said that her legs would heal and there was no major damage to internal organs but she had a paralysed tail.

It was going to cost a horrendous amount to get her tail amputated and it still had blood flow so we have so far seen no need. So when you meet Killer she will have a floppy tail that serves no purpose. She doesn't seem bothered and it doesn't affect her balance or climbing or bird-catching ability.

She also has a very unique personality. She is very social and talkative, she loves to be around people and follows me like a shadow. However she does not like babies who can crawl or walk. Or vaccuum cleaners.

Here are some photos of her, most of which she has sneaked in (blog posts).

Playing with the loose ends

The last photo of her with a working tail

Hiding in my scraps

As close to dressing her up as I will ever get. (not that I'm one of THOSE people)


  1. I remember that trip! And the craziness when she first came to live with us. Long live Killer!

    X Erica

  2. Killer and I shared many a moment, including the house training. It was Killers wiz, on my bed.

    John :)


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