Thursday, 17 January 2013

Cane Chair Restoration and Re-style

Thanks to some great friends who are always on the lookout for roadside treasures for me, I scored this classic cane chair for free!

The cane on the arms had holes in it so instead of trying to repair it, I decided that it should go. The only problem was that the stubs of leftover cane were sharp and scratchy.

The solution Dave came up with was to arm me with a brutal wire brush attachment on a drill and let me loose grinding the stubs down. It worked!

I then had to sand and sand and sand then paint coat after coat after coat then sand again and BEHOLD! One beautifully restored chair.

Don't look too closely at the piping on the cushion, it was my first time making my own and its a wee bit wonky. Other than that, I think it turned out rather well! It also just happens that the foot stool I re-upholstered back in August fits in well to create a rather relaxed chair destined for a sunny spot in the lounge.

P.s I have been riding my bicycle to and from work every day this week, it just so happened to be the wettest week in summer which put a bit of a dampener on things (get it!). But so far, so good and I am enjoying getting some fresh air.

xx Amy


  1. Wow, the chair looks awesome (yet again)!!

    Glad to hear you've been riding your awesome bike. Yes, I got it. :)

  2. it looks amazing Amy well done!

    1. Thanks Miriam! I am still in awe of some of your pieces!

  3. What a beautiful chair again! Instead of buying new one, it can be repaired and restored better than than before. This post can really help those who has a broken cane chair. Now they will know what to do instead of throwing their cane chair into the garbage, they will think to repair it and make it new again.


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