Monday, 28 January 2013

Our *temporary* Home {Bedroom}

Showcasing my temporary home to inspire others and prove that organised clutter can look good!

Today I give you a look into our bedroom. Lately I have been working hard to make the room feel bigger and lighter and have been able to reduce how much 'stuff' is on display.

Looking at this picture I realise the room needs a lampshade! I think when we moved in it had one of those white paper lantern type things but that isn't our style.

Our bed was a Trademe purchase, one of the first things we bought when we got married. It stretched the tight funds at the time but for $240 how could we resist this beautiful bed!

The colour of the room has definitely grown on me, a sort of duck-egg blue.

We have recently just painted our entire bedroom furniture white and it has made a massive difference at brightening up the room! I also rearranged my drawers so that the top drawer contains all the stuff that used to clutter the top of the dresser. So now there is a photo, my hairbrush and my perfume collection on top and no hair clips or ties in sight!

This wee lead light window is a cool feature in our room, although if I had a say, I would put a blind up.

We are fortunate to have a huge wardrobe in our room although it also doubles as a linen/storage closet too as there is nowhere else. If you look to the left you can see our Christmas tree trying to make an escape.

Our suitcases get stored on top of the wardrobe and create an interesting feature.

Is your bedroom a relaxing place to be? What have you done to make it that way?


  1. Do we have the same duvet cover?? Ours is just a cheap one from the warehouse - either way, love your room! Totally remember you getting that bed, its seems like just the other day! GOOD purchase for a newly married couple!! x

    1. Pretty sure ours is a cheapie Warehouse one too! Good taste! Xx


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