Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Our *temporary* Home {Lounge}

These past few months Dave and I have been working really hard to de-clutter our possessions. We are hoarders by nature but our collecting was starting to get out of control and making us feel like our *temporary* house was not our Home. (We are currently renting)

Our first couple of years of marriage were spent slowly buying and making items that fit with our style and taste and will hopefully last the test of time. It finally feels like we have reached the end of the major items and we have settled into a comfortable state of ahhh this is home.

This mini blog series is my attempt at showcasing the de-cluttered rooms of our home and hopefully inspiring you to see that minimalism doesn't have to be for everyone and clutter, when cleverly disguised, can look good!

Today, we start with the lounge:

Our lounge is crazy huge, it took us a while to figure out how to best utilise the space. Once summer arrived and the french doors had been fixed (earthquake), we re-arranged the lounge to accommodate them. 

One of the first things people usually comment on is the frame around the TV. We bought it as a wedding prop for photos and it just happens to fit our 32" clunker of a television.

Dave made the wooden chest under the TV in high school. The globe was one of those 'mistake bargains' where the shopkeeper gets the price wrong and is then obligated to give it to you for that price. $12 thank you very much.

We are borrowing this old oak unit from our landlord (read: left it in our garage)
I have a few of these old wooden standard lamps, ready and waiting for a makeover.

This chest was an old suitcase of a man (Mr McCallion we presume) who worked on a ship based in Lyttleton. It serves a double purpose as our getaway chest (tent, sleeping bags, camping stove etc) and out coffee table.
This was purchased for $60 from Salvation Army Woolston (no longer in existance)

The lounge is the current resting place for my bike. It is quick and easy to grab it and go bright and early in the morning. Plus it makes an interesting statement I think.

My 'sewing room' is also in the lounge, tucked away in the corner and I have tried to hide away all the fabric, wool, batting, and general items but it is probably not going to stay that way for long.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of our lounge. I am stoked at the way it is looking and it feels like a really enjoyable space to relax and create in.

Maybe we can have you around someday?


  1. Yes please! I'll be over next week. Maybe.... haha.

  2. Amy, it's gorgeous! I love the way you and Dave have styled it. You have beautiful pieces that work really well. I look forward to seeing the rest of your house! (Now I have lounge-envy!);)

    1. Hey since you are coming to the blogger conference...not that there will be time though hahah! Looking forward to meeting you IRL!

  3. Hallo Amy! The place is looking amazing and it seems a lot's been happening since I last poked my head in... I'll make sure to pop by whenever it is I finally make my way home (which may not be for another year or so =o). Had to laugh at the TV frame. Anyhoo, as always, rock on!

    1. Hi Joe from the other side of the world!! Glad things are working out, sounds like you are having an adventure! Party on dude!


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