Monday, 29 October 2012

Bought, Found, Made

Last weekend was relatively productive on a scale of time vs productivity.
On Saturday I had my first day alone at the bridal shop, I was horribly daunted, especially since I hadn't worked there for a while but luckily all was well and no one ran out crying so I shall call that a success.

I purchased the wool* for the outside of sonic! Thanks for all your suggestions , I decided to go for the blue sky, green grass effect and I got a ball of gold wool* so I will try and figure out how to attach some gold rings. So far I have made 1 square!
*when I say wool, I really mean cheap acrylic

On Sunday we went out for lunch at a place called Gorilla (it was delicious thanks for asking) and on the way home I spotted a pair of wooden chairs on the curb side amongst a pile of other stuff. A couple of people pulled up at the same time but I managed to nab the chairs (there was a free sign by the way). I'm going to have to pull them apart if I want to recover them but I think it will be worth the effort.

Last weekend in Tekapo, when Dave got his saw for $3, I bought a mirror. It is made of plastic and has a crack in the border but it had potential. It was poo brown when I bought it and I used some ivory spray paint to give it a few coats, then thanks to the plastic surface I lightly sanded back some of the edged and behold, one awesome shabby chic frame. I am running out of wall space so I might have to start selling things- the hoarder in me is screaming noooooo!

So all in all a productive weekend- I also sorted out my wardobe and nearly halved it in preparation for a clothes swap next week.

Enjoy the sun - long may it last!


  1. I really like that mirror! :)

  2. You appear to have an insurmountable amount of energy and creativity, continue having fun what you're doing. i'll drop by so see your creative efforts in the future. :)


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