Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Long Weekend Adventures

I am so stoked that after a long dreary stretch of winter we get a 3 day weekend to perk us up a bit.

Dave and I spent ours at a little town nearly smack bang in the middle of the South Island. It is also Killer's home town. I hesitate to call it a town, a village maybe? A settlement?
Anyway the place is called Omarama 'the place of light'.

We travelled down with 5 other friends, one of whom grew up there and a couple who habitated there for a while. We stayed in a holiday park in a pretty decent cabin and made ourselves at home.

The trip down was one that took way longer than it should but was totally worth it. We stopped at a farmers market in Ashburton and I picked up an awesome serving tray with a world map on it. Dave and his friend also somehow talked a lady selling honey to drop off an ice cream container full of seconds honey for their next home brew efforts (toffee apple cider anyone?)

Our next stop was as we were driving through Tekapo. A sign on the side of the road said 'jumble sale' and I couldn't resist. Sadly we arrived at the tail end of it so the good stuff was gone but Dave spotted an old band saw with a price tag of $3. Sure enough it was for sale and the ladies running the show had no idea what it was so into the boot it went. I even let them keep the change from my $5 note. It does need a motor but Dave has plans involving a washing machine motor.

We finally arrived in Omarama and set ourselves up.

The next day we headed to Lake Aviemore with our friends' family boat. I think I had been talking up my wake boarding ability but I gave it my best shot. Even though I had my wetsuit the water still seeped through and it.was.freezing. I got up second try and managed to familiarise myself with 'the controls'. I have some technique issues to work on but it will be awhile until I have access to a boat again.

On Monday I woke up aching all over and there was snow all over the hills!

We packed up and made the place look semi-presentable before having the most delicious breakfast of pancakes. We drove through the snow on the way back and made some snowmen on the side of the road.

It was so good to get out of Christchurch for a couple of days and do something a bit different and have lots of laughs.

My phone won't let me put the photos in any type of order so enjoy the non sequential events!


  1. Sounds like a great break! love the snow man :)

  2. LOVE Lake Tekapo !! !! !!

    1. Me too! Love the lake and the 'get away from it all' attitude!

  3. ooh the snowy hills and the lake look beautiful! i actually hate going to omarama. not because i don't like, it, i think it's a charming place, but because my hubby STILL ridicules my 5 years ago pronunciation of it's name (to rhyme with bananarama) x

    1. Hehe the British lady I work with calls it that too!

  4. That snowman may be the most terrifying thing I have ever created haha.


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