Wednesday, 10 October 2012

To Market, To Market

This Saturday (unless raining- pray for good weather!) I will be attending my first market as a stall-holder. My good friend Ellena will be giving me a hand. We will be selling a variety of macarons and some of my pallet art, as well as some art by El who is amazing!

Our stall will be called 'in the fox's den''. I also got some business cards printed with my blog details on and they look great. I don't have to try and remember the blog address when I tell people about my blog!

So if you are in Christchurch, head along to the market, I would love to see you!

See market details here:


  1. exciting - we'll be there too!

  2. Exciting! I'd come if I lived in Chch!
    Love the red NZ piece.


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