Monday, 8 October 2012

New (Kenwood) Toy

Last Saturday, Dave and I went to a garage sale as soon as it opened for once. We usually sleep in and go looking around 10.30ish and miss out on the good stuff. This time just after 9 we turned up and I am so glad we did!

Sitting on the ground in a box surrounded by other unloved items was a Kenwood Chef A700 mixer. Made in the 1950s out of cast steel, these bad boys never die. Sure the paint was a little worse for wear but it still worked and had all the important attachments: whisk, k-beater, dough hook and even a blender to sit on top.

The price? $85. A little steep for a garage sale ill give you that, but one of these has been on my present list for ages. They also get snapped up pretty fast on Trademe. So it was a done deal and away we walked with a pretty (and heavy) bench top assistant.

As soon as I got home and got it cleaned up I put it to good use and made a mud cake with whipped ganache. Yum!

I am still trying to figure out a name for my mixer, Ken maybe? Or Betsy?


  1. exciting! what will you be making next?

    1. Not sure yet. My friend and I have a stall at the craft market so probably some goodies for that

  2. Replies
    1. I would have to do a pretty awesome job, probably want to powder coat it to get a good finish

  3. I have a Kenwood too! And it is like my baby, my prized possession and my most highly used kitchen appliance after the fridge and jug!


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