Saturday, 3 November 2012


It seems my little hobby has turned into a bit of a small business empire. (I may be exaggerating a bit here).

My pallet art now has a wall of its own in my little cafe, complete with prices and business cards underneath. Very professional. It is very exciting to see customers admiring it and as of late, purchasing it!

So far I have sold 5 pieces, four of which were from the cafe. Out of those four pieces, one was commissioned. That was pretty exciting. A customer wanted a red pallet with the words 'faith,hope,love' stencilled on it.

I found that having the commissioned piece to do was quite difficult. Because all the other ones have been me working at my own pace, having a deadline and guidelines in place made it quite hard to get motivated. Is that just me or does anyone else feel like that? It is probably not a good idea to quit my day job just yet.

Thanks everyone for your support, I always appreciate feedback and inspiration and ideas!

Now, to break up more pallets!


  1. totally awesome! Bet it looks great in the cafe! Time to bump up the prices!? ;)


    1. Yep, fully agree with Sophie. And I totally understand, it's so much more fun when doing it for fun (lol). A little bit of pressure isn't too bad though. Go Amy!!

  2. good for you - that is SO exciting!

  3. I LOVE this art -
    What would postage be to Auckland?

    1. Depends how big you want it? I have succesfully sent one in a $5 NZ post courier bag :)

  4. That is really cool! Congratulations! :)


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