Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sidewalk Wonders

I found a couple of faded golden rickety chairs on the side of the road a couple of weeks back. I made Dave pull over and reverse down the road to beat off some other people who had spotted the roadside stash.

In the car they went and then in the corner they sat for a week while life went on.

I still have a tonne of striped fabric left from when I bought a whole roll and re-covered a footstool. It seemed perfect for the chairs so off on the now-familiar journey of re-upholstery I went.

I did a bit of a survey on whether or not to paint the chairs white but the vote was a resounding 'keep the wood!'
Dave helped me sand the varnish back off the chairs (my favourite job-not) and I reckon they look pretty awesome!

We had a long weekend here in Canterbury and I so appreciated having an extra day to relax. We even put our Christmas tree up!

Here's to the last few weeks of the year!

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