Wednesday, 21 November 2012

LOVE - DIY Yarn Art

Thanks to my awesome oversupply of yarn and the joy of Pinterest I imagined up a wee piece of wall art.

Lessons learnt:
-Hammers are heavy.
-Thumbs shouldn't get in the way but mine wasn't playing ball.
-It takes a lot of nails to do this. A lot. Like more than a hundred.
-Modern Family is a good soundtrack for makings.

More word suggestions?


  1. Wow, how much patience did it require to make this fun decoration??? Maybe you could make a "peace" or "joy" one for Christmas?

    1. It took me an hour, whilst watching tv :)
      Christmas ones are a good idea!

  2. How about "ouch" because you say it when you make it? It looks great - the pain is worth it!

  3. awesome idea! i LOVE it! mezz


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