Monday, 2 April 2012

Quilt Update

Oh my goodness, April already! This year is flying by! I like April. So many holidays :)

If you remember with me back to THIS post, you may remember I had started making a quilt. Now don't go getting too excited, it isn't finished yet, but it has progressed rapidly (well it has been a month so I shouldn't use the word rapid, but oh well).

I hit a bit of a snag in a few places, firstly by not having enough fabric. My favourite fabric I had was only a pillowcase worth. Silly me. So I had to think of more ways of extending the quilt using the remaining fabrics. It mostly worked except it will be a small quilt. Just big enough for two laps. Or a nice fluffy winter quilt for a cot in the future. I like the idea of quilts and blankets running through the generations.

The second snag I hit was that I decided to cheat and buy something cheaper than batting. (That stuff is expensive!) I went along to the warehouse and bought a queensize duvet inner for $15. Way more than I need but hey, $15!
Sadly I misread the label and it is a big puffy winter inner. My sewing machine doesn't like that very much. It kept puckering the back fabric and it is a mission to sew by machine. I tried hand quilting by my stitches weren't even on the back and it just looked silly.

So, after some advice, I decided to get a bunch of safety pins and pin all the junctions I want to quilt and I will just do a couple of stitches in each once it has all been pinned. Then I shall re-asses and either tackle it with the machine again or leave it as is.

Lesson learnt. Don't get too adventurous Amy. Small steps first. Also don't cheat the system. It is there for a reason. Or just read the label first.

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