Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Beginning of a Restoration - Vintage Bike

Dave and I bought a real beauty the other day from Trade Me. An old vintage bike - the brand is Armstrong.

It is a womens bike that has faded to a rusty red and starting to show her age. We have big dreams for this bike!
We are going to restore her to a functional piece of beauty.

The colour scheme is undecided at the moment. I know that the mud guards and chain guard will stay white. Maybe black with white pinstripes, or something a bit more bold. 

We will attempt to get the chrome looking brand new again, without getting it re-chromed.

Loving the branding here!

I will attach a wicker basket on the front, and maybe a swappa-crate on the back, but that might be overkill on the storage.
The front badge has been pretty well munted.
I am excited to start work on this bike, although I may not ride it until spring, it is getting pretty chilly in these parts, especially when I start work at 7! Brrr.

Anyone restored a bike before? Any tips or tricks?


  1. OHEMGEE!! I would die for this bike:


    1. Very cute, love the crochet bunting and flowers on the basket! I do enjoy a good blue.

  2. Awesome. I adore my vintage style bike and I ride it nearly every day. My hubby recently striped back a bike for work. You can get them professionally painted too FYI

    1. Oh nice to know, we are trying to keep it as cheap and DIY as possible and Dave is pretty handy with a can of rattle, but if that fails miserably...

  3. LOVE IT!!
    put me in for a pre order for the next one!!


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