Tuesday, 10 April 2012

An Easter Adventure

We did the Sharplin Falls Walk
Well howdy, hope you like my new bloggy layout, it means I can have extra giant pictures!

On Easter Monday Dave and I did a mission to Methven. Not too far from home, yet far enough to feel like the other side of the country. We headed about 30 min out of the sleepy town to Sharplin Falls at the base of Mt Somers.

It was a brisk morning and there was hardly anyone around. Everything was so green and beautiful.

After a lot of steps up and then back down again we reached the waterfall.

Plus we saw this awesome rock that looks like a baby bear or a hippo drinking water from the river
It was a much needed break from the daily grind.

Thank you very much Methven!

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  1. 1) LOVE the new layout! Well done you! (you MUST be sick. Hahaha. When I'm feeling down and have time with the comp my blog look always changes hehehe)
    2)You look SO cute in these pictures!! :)
    3) THAT IS TOTALLY A HIPPO!!! Excellent spotting!!

    Hope you have had a nice relaxing night! It was so cool to have Dave here still :)


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