Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Forest Wedding

An old pallet
Ta-da! Two wedding signs
 Good friends of ours got married last weekend. They had the ceremony in a forest which I thought was really brave (what if it rained!) but awesome. I was in charge of decorations in the forest and given a bag of materials and sent on my merry way with the bride 'trusting my style'. Scary much?!

The order of service - on chalk cloth

Looking back down the aisle after the ceremony. Those rose petals? Fake. Thanks helpers for helping me pick them up!

Where the bridal party stood.

Colourful balloons showing the way through the forest.

All dressed up, no black as per the dress code - Dave found it so hard!

Loved their wedding transportation!
And with all my rushing round I totally forgot to take a photo of the bride and groom! DOH! Good thing I'm not a wedding photographer! It was such a fun wedding, it really showed their personalities through and through. I know they will make each other happy and I am super stoked for them.

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