Saturday, 28 April 2012

The ABC's of Me!

22. (birthday in May *cough*)

Bug you hate: Most bugs I can handle (well not actally handle, but tolerate) but spiders I can not. Daddy long legs, sure. Big black ones, white-tails and giant garden spiders that hang out on our fence at night - no thanks! I have been known to scream.

Chores that you hate: All the fiddly bits like dusting and scrubbing and washing walls. Those last few days before moving house are the worst!

Dogs: Not yet, probably once we own our own home. One like this though:


Essential start to your day:
Coffee, with soy. It sits better in my tummy so early in the morning.

Favorite color: Teal and Lavender.

Gold or Silver: Gold.
Height: 5'6ish.

Instruments you play:
Jack of all trades, master of none. Bass, drums, viola, guitar, recorder. I learn fast but lack motivation to practice.

Job title: Barista I guess, but I am 2IC at my cafe and bake, cook and serve.

Kids: Not yet.

Live: Christchurch, New Zealand. Unsure where we will settle though.

Mother’s Name: Lynne Whittington. (our middle names match - Elizabeth)

Nicknames: Dave calls me Amyliz and I get the occasional Ames. At high school I was known as A-dawg hehe.

Overnight hospital stays:
Tonsils out when I was in primary school.

Pet peeves: Crass talk on the bus. I can hear you!

Quote from a movie or tv show: Teal'C from Stargate saying 'indeed' all the time it has integrated into our conversations.

P.S And I have therefore revealed my inner geek.
Right or Lefty: Righty. Straight up.

Siblings: 1 younger brother, 2 older half brothers and a half sister, 1 sister-in-law :)

Time you wake up: Weekdays - 6.20 (at work by 6.50 - pretty impressive I think) Weekends - 9ish usually.

Unusual habit:I make a lot of sound effects. A lot.

Vegetable you hate: I like most vegetables. On my not-so-keen list is capsicum, raw onion, cucumber.

What makes you run late:
Making sure I have everything.

X-Rays You’ve Had:
Dental, Chest when I had whooping cough.

Yummy food you make:
A newly discovered talent for making soup! If only Dave liked soup. Also thanks to Dave, I am awesome at cooking roasts. Oh and Cheese scones, I have a dedicated following at work that would almost kill for my cheese scones.

Zoo Animal: Lemurs. I love their long stripy tails! Just like a jungle monkey/cat.


  1. I totally get what you mean about instruments. I'm on drums, violin, piano, boomwhackers (of all things!) and Dad did start me on bass for a bit... but I dont have the motivation to practice anything :S

    And maybe I should get a scone from your work if you sell them there on my break this week :D


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