Thursday, 29 March 2012

On Why Being A Barista Is Awesome

 So most of you probably know that I am a Barista by day. Lately I had a job opportunity fall through that was something totally different but more in line with what I have my degree in (Audio Engineering).

 I was not disappointed by this opportunity falling through but it has made me think about why I love my job so much. Sure it leaves me tired from being on my feet all day but there are so many great things that I love about my job.

  • Free coffee. An obvious bonus.
  • Being a Barista takes skill. And tonnes of practice. I have been making coffee for coming up 2 years and there is still so much for me to learn!
  • I am some peoples favourite Barista. This makes me happy, when customers ask me specifically to make their coffee, or that theirs was especially yummy. Best of all, I love it when people come back. 
  •  Coffee Loyalty Systems. Ours in particular. We keep the card at the cafe with the customers name. Every 10th coffee is free. I love that I can learn peoples names and remember their coffees. I love how excited customers get when they have a free coffee. 
  • My memory for peoples names and coffees is for some reason super awesome. I often have a customers coffee ready by the time they get to the cash register because I have seen them pull up in their car and know their usual. 
  • I get to know customers. I know some of their stories, what they do during the weekends and the occasional happy or sad event they are going through. I enjoy being the sympathetic ear and giving them a smile.
  • Did I mention free coffee?
  • My cafe has the flexibility to bless people, if they are having a rough day or week or their card declines then why not give them a free coffee? Now that is something you don't see many other places. And surprisingly we haven't had anyone take advantage either. They are usually blown away. This makes me happy.
  • The smell. Mmmmmmm.
  • I get to train people. I enjoy teaching willing students, who listen and like to ask questions, even when I don't know all the answers and am nowhere close to being an expert. I love to share little tips and tricks I have learnt along the way. 
  • I love the feeling of being busy and having a list of coffees in front of me. I get in the zone and feel like an octopus because my arms are flying on all directions. Multitasking Queen. At your service. 
  • I love the fact that Hospitality is an act of service. I am serving people. Helping people.
  • Criticism cuts me deep but I think about it a lot and whatever it is I am being criticized for usually never happens again. I don't love it but it is useful and helps me grow. 
  • I love to make patterns on coffee. I am by no means perfect but every now and then I am stoked with what I produce. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list, I love my job for many more reasons. These are just a few things that make me proud to do what I do.  

*Those photos up the top there? My coffee art. A couple I snapped on my phone before some lucky patron got to drink it :)
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  1. Isn't it nice to appreciate a job!??

    I have been the recipient of many free coffees - THANK YOU!!! They are so appreciated! :)


  2. So where do you work?? and are your hot chocolates awesome?? :o)

    1. Quattro Cafe, attached to the Elim church on Cashel St. Only open mon-fri though. And you may have to judge for yourself about the hot chocolates, but I think they are pretty top notch :)

  3. Ahahaha an octopus. Personally, I like to think of myself as a hurricane :/


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