Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday Bargains

A few crafty goings on this week, my quilt has made progress! Alas, it is smaller than I had hoped, I only had a pillowcase worth of material for some of the squares, so I am being creative!

But more on that later. On todays agenda is the cool bargains Dave and I bought.

Only one of these things is from an op-shop but the others were heavily discounted so they totally count.

Okay so first up is this awesome tray with a map of Canada on it.

Pretty cool ay!

It now hangs in our entrance-way. The background is matte silver and the outlines are shiny silver so it gives a cool effect. Total cost - $3.00 from the Eco Shed.

Next up are two cool pictures of old keys.
Key #1

Key #2

These now hang in an old frame we have had for years.
These were $12 each from a cool gift shop in Dressmart.

Finally a sign that suits us well here in Christchurch, as well as our love of a good coffee.
It now proudly hangs in our kitchen. It cost $11 from the same gift shop.

And to end this post here is some paper bunting hung on my kitchen window.


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