Saturday, 17 March 2012

A Happy St Patricks Day

All green
Happy St Patricks everyone! I have a question... Who celebrates St Patricks Day? Irish/UK settled areas? Anyone wanting an excuse to party? I know I could type this into the google machine but I want other answers. 

Anyway, today we got some super awesome bargains from a closing down sale at Guthrie Bowron (a paint/wallpaper store). Sadly the store is unsafe and they needed to get rid of excess stock.

I found these awesome sample books of different wallpaper collections! There are hundreds of pages of real wallpaper samples that I can use for so many crafty things! 

Examples.... Birthday cards, wrapping paper, drawer lining, scrapbooking, decoupage and a million other things.

Here are some of my favourite pages: 
Book 1 - I was sold from the title

My favourite of the lot I think

I love Damask

Pretty ornate gold trims

More gold and cream

Shiny and matte together

A heap of black and white

So fancy!
So I have no excuse not to make you a birthday card, let me know if you want one!

Another crafty project I undertook was a stencil. A wee while back Dave and I were super into stencils and making 2 toned one etc and I recently dug out our folder full of stencils. 

The company that supplies coffee at my cafe has re-branded itself and has a new logo. It is a shield design with 2 lions with a coffee cup inside the shield. I saw the potential and ta-da!

The stencil all ready

The result, a bit of a fail with the non-crisp lines but you get the idea

If I had done a better job at spraying this it would look epic. I blame the paint can running low.

I am pretty proud of myself for cutting through corrugated cardboard. Harder than it looks!

So enjoy this sunny St Patricks day, I might eat potatoes for dinner :)


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