Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Desk Revealio!

Not bad for a $10 garage sale bargain!
I must stress that a majority of this was completed by my darling Dave but I still put in some (wo)man hours...

Re-attaching the hinges
Inside - the doors and drawer are functional!

Close up of that cool bow

Some of my wallpaper samples line the shelves

How awesome is it looking?

A few people asked me if I am going to sell it. The answer - nope! It is now my new sewing table!

My new wee sewing nook

This is our pink room. Our landlord painted it for his baby girl one weekend. It is a weird 3rd bedroom because it contains the back door. I would class it as a study/office.
It used to be Dave's Man Cave with a sofa bed for visitors but we rearranged the room and it is now what Dave likes to call a 'Man and Wife Cave'.
To the left - Daves recording setup, to the right - my sewing nook.

My upcycled craft box and my wallpaper books with one of my many gilt mirrors.

Dave's sweet geek setup.

Sorry for the picture heavy blog post, I enjoy showing off our little home-for-now.

Enjoy your week, autumn has well and truly set in here in Christchurch, there is that cold chill in the air and the mornings are oh so dark.



  1. Replies
    1. Why thank you Graeme, Dave is pretty stoked with his set up

  2. That is kick ass I love it! Also the manandwife cave. (I feel like that should all be one word ahahaha.

  3. You sewing nook is so sweet, and looks lovely with your new refurbished desk. And I think it's so nice that you and hubby share your creative spaces.

    1. Thanks Kelly! We have always shared our creativeness, it is a huge part of our life together - being on the same creative wavelength and having very similar tastes. I count myself very blessed :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Great job with the table and it looks wonderful as a sewing table. We have a shared man+wife space too in our house. It's nice to just be in the same space.

    1. Good to hear we aren't the only ones with a manandwife cave :)

  5. Your new revamped desk looks really pretty as a sewing table. It's nice to have a room to share a space together to be creative. :)

  6. Love what you have done with the desk! And it's even cooler that you decided to have it as your sewing desk!!!

    1. Why thank you, it is very useful, I actually have cupboards and drawers to put things in!

  7. Nice pic with the guitar in the mirror :)

    1. Thanks! I did it on purpose, glad to know it was noticed :)


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