Monday, 1 April 2013

{Tutorial} Quilted Laptop Case

 Need a pretty yet funtional laptop case that will protect it from scratches and knocks from textbooks? This quilted laptop case fits the bill. made with lightweight batting it is not too bulky but gives a nice amount of padding to keep your precious laptop safe.

You will need: 
  • Approx 1m* facric (non-stretch) for outside of case
  • Approx 1m* contrasting fabric for lining
  • Approx 1m* thin quilt batting/wadding
  • 2m Bias Binding in matching or contrasting colour
  • 2x large buttons
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing needle

*This laptop case was made for a 13" Macbook Pro. It used around 75cm of each fabric.

Step 1
Lie out your main fabric and put the laptop on top. You want enough fabric to be able to fold completely over it from top and bottom. Leave at least 20cm on each side. Cut to size.

Step 2
Cut the lining and batting out the same size as the main fabric.

Step 3
Lie the 3 pieces of fabric together, right sides facing out and pin along one side. When this gets quilted the layers might shift off-centre. This is why we allow a large seam allowance.

Step 4
Quilt the 3 layers together. Hold the layers tight as you sew to prevent puckering. Feel free to quilt whichever way you like, straight lines, wavy lines or patterns.

Front side quilted
Lining side quilted
Step 5
With lining side facing out, fold up the new quilted fabric to cover the laptop. Pin along the sides of
the laptop. Make sure the laptop fits in quite tight to prevent it from sliding around the finished case.


Step 6
Sew up the pinned sides of the laptop. Make sure you remove the laptop before you do this!

Step 7
Trim close to the edges up the sides of the case, including the top flap.

Step 8
Overlock the sewn edge. If you do not have an overlocker then just use a medium zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine.

Step 8
Flip the laptop case right way out and push out corners.

Step 9
Cut a length of bias binding about 5cm longer than your front edge. Pin along the edge and fold edges over so they look neat and tidy.

Step 10
Sew the bias binding on to the front edge.

Step 11
Trim the corners of the flap into curves. Or leave square if desired.

Step 12
Pin the remaining bias binding around the edge of the flap of the case. Fold over the ends to make a neat edge and sew along. Trim off any thread ends.

Step 13
If your sewing machine has a buttonhole setting, let it do its thing, if not:
Cut a slit for a buttonhole through all three layers of fabric near each curve on the top flap.

Step 14
Hand stitch around the edge of each buttonhole. 

Step 15
With the flap closed, find the point which the buttons will fit through the button hole. Open the flap and sew each button onto the bottom part of the case.

Step 16
Finished! Make sure all stray threads are trimmed and button holes fit the buttons.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful. If you have any questions or trouble following it, just ask a question in the comment section below and I will do my best to help!

This pattern is free to use but if you make one, please link back here.

Happy quilting!


  1. Lol! I LOOOOVE the colours and the quilting looks SO good!! I can't believe you found the perfect buttons to match too - almost unheard of!

  2. Love it Amy! love how you zigzagged the quilting with the fabric pattern :)

  3. Great job Amy! These colour combos are awesome!


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